FLYING LESSONS uses recent mishap reports to consider what might have
contributed to accidents, so you can make better



FLYING LESSONS uses recent mishap reports to consider what might have
contributed to accidents, so you can make better


FLYING LESSONS uses recent mishap reports to consider what might have contributed to accidents, so you can make better decisions if you face similar circumstances. In almost all cases design characteristics of a specific airplane have little direct bearing on the possible causes of aircraft accidents—but knowing how your airplane’s systems respond can make the difference as a scenario unfolds. So apply these FLYING LESSONS to the specific airplane you fly.

Verify all technical information before applying it to your aircraft or operation, with manufacturers’ data and recommendations taking precedence. You are pilot in command, and are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make.


Read FLYING LESSONS for November 25, 2022 (downloadable pdf)

  • Beyond the show line
  • Taylorcrafts and 707s
  • Holiday risk management




My notes and commentary on Wolfgang Langewiesche’s classic Stick and Rudder

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