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June 2014 articles by Thomas P. Turner:

Post-flight Debrief and the Highly Qualified Pilot

To learn from experience, you need to take some time to review your performance.

Aviation Safety

In the Slot

Know the targets for short final--to avoid landing short or landing long.

Twin & Turbine

Safety Pilot: Going Visual
You accept a lot of personal responsibility when you report the airport in sight.

American Bonanza Society

Baron Pilot: Vmca vs. Vs
When demonstrating loss of control may cause the real thing.

American Bonanza Society

Continued Operational Safety
The difference between aircraft age and fatigue exposure.

Australian Pilot

Preflighting for Oshkosh: The Pilot
Your airplane's ready for AirVenture. Are you?

Avemco On Approach

Gear Collapse
Gear collapse mishaps make up more than half of all Landing Gear-Related Mishaps, and represent the most common reason retractable-gear airplanes are permanently removed from service. Many times gear collapses result from inattention to gear rigging preventive maintenance. Here's how to do the most to keep your airplane flying for many years to come.

Australian Bonanza Society

The Truth About Stalls in Piper PA46-Series Airplanes
What are the NTSB stall scenarios in Piper Malibus, Mirages and Meridians, and how can you train to avoid them?


The Unique Risks of the Business Pilot
You've got a lot riding on this business flight. How does that impact your safety?

Pilatus Owners and Pilots Association

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