Publications by Thomas P. Turner

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Past articles posted online. Some may require free registration.

AVweb: Leading Edge
23 monthly columns posted in 2007 - 2008 Aero-Tips
365 daily articles plus special reports posted in 2006 Aero-Craft
50 weekly and special audio podcasts

iPilot: Insider Series
160 columns posted in 2000 - 2005

Booksby Thomas P. Turner

Cockpit Resource Management: The Private Pilot's Guide(2nd ed. 1998). McGraw-Hill.

WeatherPatterns and Phenomena: A Pilot's Guide(2nd ed. 1999). McGraw-Hill.

Controlling Pilot Error: Checklists and Compliance(2001). McGraw-Hill.

Edited by Thomas P. Turner:

The McGraw-Hill Instrument Flying Handbook(2001). McGraw-Hill.

E-Series Bonanzas: Flying, Owning and Maintaining a Classic(2006) ABS Air Safety Foundation.

Technical Edit by Thomas P. Turner

Colvin's Clinic, 3rd edition (2005). American Bonanza Society.

Technical Review by Thomas P. Turner

Phaedra Hise,Pilot Error: The Anatomy of a Plane Crash(2002). Brassey's Inc., Washington, D.C.

Magazinesand periodicals publishing articles by Thomas P. Turner

AVWEB (occasional features since 1998;Leading Edge2007-2008)

Aviation Safety (features since 2001)

Private Pilot ("Weatherwise" column and other features 1994 through end of publication November 2005)

American Bonanza Society (features since 1995)

iPilot (monthly-to-weekly column 2000 - 2004)

Plane and Pilot (occasional features since 2002)

World Beechcraft Society (features 1990-2003)

IFR Refresher (occasional features since 2004)

Pilot's Audio Update (regular contributor in the 1990s; occasional retrospectives and features)

AOPA InstructoReport (occasional features since 2001)

Australian Bonanza Society (features since 2000)

Pilot Journal (occasional features since 2007)

Twin and Turbine (occasional features since 2000)

Australian Flying (occasional features since 2008)

Selected Article Reprints

Turbo Failures(American Bonanza Society, October 1997)

Identify, Verify, Feather...Now What? (Twin & Turbine, March 2007)

Installing Vortex generators on a Beech 58TC Baron (PRIVATE PILOT,1998)

A Year of Landing Dangerously, Parts 1 and 2(Australian Bonanza Society,2001)

Those Who Have and Those Who Won't--Avoiding Gear-Related Mishaps(AOPA InstructoReport, 2002)

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