Bonanza Initial and Recurrent Training

Thanks for inquiring about MASTERY FLIGHT TRAINING in your Beech V35B, F33A, 36, A36, A36TC, B36TC or turbonormalized Bonanza. I'll come to your location for an intense weekend of ground and flight instruction on your schedule.

MY SCHEDULE IS VERY LIMITED, so please email with your proposed training dates and location. I'll make every effort to accommodate your needs, or refer you to a Beechcraft expert in your area though the American Bonanza Society’s Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program.

See to learn more about and join the American Bonanza Society.

The goal is to increase your safety, confidence and enjoyment of your Bonanza by making you a more knowledgeable and competent pilot.

You'll learn:

- aircraft systems and operations from a pilot's standpoint
- techniques for reducing pilot workload and maximizing workload in all phases of flight
- what "normal", "abnormal" and "emergency" conditions look like, and how to achieve the best outcome in each
- engine management, both lean and rich of peak EGT
- proper use of autopilots and flight directors, if installed
- how to give information to your mechanic that reduces the expense and down-time of system troubleshooting
- specific techniques to avoid the most common causes of Bonanza mishaps
and much more

Courses are tailored to your needs and experience. Weekend initial experiences usually result in 7-10 hours of classroom and 5-6 hours of flight training, while recurrent programs are more heavily weighted toward flight over a two-day period. Complete the course and you'll earn a Flight Review and, if you're instrument rated and perform to at least Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards you'll also earn in Instrument Proficiency Check. You'll also earn a course completion certificate and, if necessary, a letter to your insurance carrier detailing the content of the course.

TUITION for two-day Initial or Recurrent training is $1500 plus travel expenses, payable by check on the first day or training or in advance through the PayPal donations tab at the left.

In addition to serving as FlightSafety International's Lead Instructor for the Beech Bonanza, where I created the Beech factory-authorized A36TC/B36TC program, I was also Chief Pilot and Instructor for FliteCraft Turbo, a turbonormalizing pioneer. I have been teaching almost exclusively in Bonanzas and Barons for 20 years, am the 2010 National FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year and was the 2008 FAA Central Region CFI of the Year. I was inducted into the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR HALL OF FAME in 2015. More more on my qualifications see my full resume.

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