Beech Weekly Accident Update

Piston Beechcraft Accidents 

11/21/2019 through 12/4/2019

Official information from FAA and NTSB sources (unless otherwise noted). Editorial comments (contained in parentheses), year-to-date summary and closing comments are those of the author.  All information is preliminary and subject to change.  Comments are meant solely to enhance flying safety.  Please use these reports to help you more accurately evaluate the potential risks when you make your own decisions about how and when to fly.  © 2019 Mastery Flight Training, Inc.  All Rights Reserved


New reports this week

11/20 1155Z (0555 local Wednesday morning): The solo pilot died, and the Be36 he flew was “destroyed”, during an attempted predawn departure into low IMC at San Marcos, Texas. According to the NTSB, 

The airplane was observed on radar shortly after departure, before it disappeared from radar; an ALNOT (alert notification) was issued. A preliminary review of air traffic control services revealed the pilot received his IFR clearance to ODO, with a void departure time. There was no further communication with the pilot, nor was a distress call received. The airplane was wreckage was located about one half-mile northeast of HYI's runway 8.

At 0556 the automated weather facility located at HYI, recorded wind from 179 degrees at 4 knots, one half-mile visibility in fog, an overcast sky at 300 ft, a temperature of 63° F and a dew point of 63° F. 

N88855 (E-3239) was a 1999 A36 registered in Austin, Texas.

("Impact immediately after takeoff/night IMC”; “Fatal”; “Airplane destroyed”; “Night” “IMC”—we’ve discussed several times the unique orientation hazards of departing into low IMC, especially in dark conditions).

11/20 1554Z (1054 local Wednesday morning): A Be45 “landed and its gear collapsed” at Atlanta, Georgia. The solo pilot reports no injury and airplane damage is “unknown”. N26K (G-57) is a 1954 A45 (T-34A) registered in Dallas, Georgia.

(“Gear collapse during landing”)

11/23 1855Z (1355 local Saturday afternoon): The pilot suffered “serious” injuries and a passenger received “minor” injuries after a Be35 “experienced engine trouble [immediately] after takeoff and crashed in a field” at Ockeechobee, Florida. The airplane damage was “destroyed". From the NTSB preliminary report:

The pilot's wife advised law enforcement personnel that during takeoff about 100 ft above ground level, the engine "started to cut out." Her husband attempted to turn for an emergency landing but the engine quit. The airplane started to "nosedive", impacting into a field. An Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office deputy who was responding to work witnessed smoke from the wreckage and responded to the scene. He rescued the pilot and also assisted the passengers away from the burning wreckage.  

N3315C (D-3981) was a 1954 E35 registered in Titusville, Florida.

(“Engine failure immediately after takeoff”; “Serious injuries”; “Airplane destroyed")

11/23 2130Z (1430 local Saturday afternoon): The solo pilot of a Be35 was unhurt, and airplane damage is “unknown”, after a Be35 “lost power and struck [a] PAPI light” while landing at Caldwell, Idaho. N7956M (D-8823) is a 1968 V35A-TC registered in Nampa, Idaho.

(“Engine failure during approach/landing”)

11/26 0319Z (2019 local Monday night 11/25/19): A Be35 “crashed under unknown circumstances” at Blythe, California. The pilot, alone in the Bonanza, perished and the airplane was “destroyed”. N14UC (D-8185) was a 1966 V35 registered in Canyon Lake, California.

(“Crash/unknown”; “Fatal”; “Airplane destroyed”; “Night”)

11/27 1630Z (1030 local Wednesday morning): A Be33’s nose gear collapsed during an off-airport landing at Wink, Texas. The pilot escaped injury. Airplane damage is “minor”. N1832F (CE-968) is a 1981 F33A registered in Spring, Texas.

(“Fuel starvation”—as reported by the Flight Safety Foundation. This is more fodder for our recent discussion about whether to land gear up or gear down in an off-airport landing.)

New NTSB reports this week

Events previously reported in the Weekly Accident Update

11/3 Duchess nighttime engine failure at Doral, Florida. Change “Engine failure in flight” to “Fuel exhaustion.”

11/20 fatal A36 predawn departure in low IMC at San Marcos, Texas, cited above.

11/23 “serious injuries” E35 engine failure immediately after takeoff at Ockeechobee, Florida, cited above.

2019 SUMMARY: Reported Beechcraft piston mishaps, 2019:

Total reported: 152 reports

Environment: (Note: FAA preliminary reports no longer report weather conditions)

Operation in VMC:  99 reports 
Operation in IMC:    9 reports  
Weather “unknown” or “not reported”:  44 reports
Operation at night: 9 reports    

Most Serious Injury
“Serious” injury accidents (not involving fatalities):  5 reports 
Fatal accidents:  27 reports

Aircraft damage
“Substantial” damage:  32 reports
Aircraft “destroyed”:   38 reports

By Aircraft Type      

Be35 Bonanza  43 reports
Be36 Bonanza  37 reports
Be55 Baron  19 reports  
Be33 Bonanza/Debonair  15 reports  
Be58 Baron  9 reports
Be23 Musketeer/Sundowner  7 reports 
Be76 Duchess  5 reports 
Be60 Duke  4 reports  
Be19 Sport  3 reports 
Be65 Queen Air  3 reports 
Be24 Sierra  2 reports
Be45 Mentor  2 reports
Be50 Twin Bonanza  2 reports  
Be95 Travel Air  1 report
Bonanza (model unknown)  1 report


(all subject to update per official findings):

Landing gear-related mishaps (53 reports)

Gear collapse during landing  
25 reports: (Be24; three Be33s; six Be35s; seven Be36s; Be45; five Be55s; Be65; Be76) 

Gear up landing
19 reports (two Be33s; seven Be35s; five Be36s; Be45; two Be55s; Be76; Bonanza model unknown) 

Gear collapse—incomplete extension  
4 reports: (Be35; Be36; Be58; Be76)

Gear collapse—electrical failure in flight, incomplete extension  
2 reports (both Be35)

Gear collapse during takeoff
2 reports (both Be55s)

Gear collapse during taxi  1 report (Be35)

Gear collapse during touch and goes. 1 report (Be55)

Engine failure (43 reports)

Engine failure in flight  
16 reports (Be23; two Be33s; four Be35s; eight Be36s; Be60)

Fuel starvation  
6 reports (Be23; Be33; Be35; two Be36s; Be55)

Engine failure immediately after takeoff  
6 reports (two Be19s; two Be35s; two Be36s)

Cylinder separation in flight  
3 reports (two Be33s; Be35)

Engine fire in flight  
3 reports (Be19; Be36; Be60)

Fuel exhaustion  
2 reports (Be55; Be76)

Engine failure during approach/landing  
2 reports (both Be35s)

Engine failure during return to airport/door open after takeoff  1 report (Be35)

Engine failure shortly after takeoff/stall  1 report (Be50)

Dual engine failure in flight/suspected fuel contamination  1 report (Be50)

Engine failure on approach/landing/possible fuel vent blockage. 1 report (Be23)

Engine failure during go-around. 1 report (Be35)

Miscellaneous  (15 reports)(

Taxied into object/other aircraft  
6 reports (Be23; Be33; Be35; two Be58s; Be60)

Bird strike  
3 reports (Be23; Be35; Be95)

Attempted hand-propping/unoccupied start/ground collision  1 report (Be35)0

Extreme turbulence encounter  1 report (Be58)

Struck animal on runway during landing  1 report (Be58)

Wing explosion during takeoff  1 report (Be65)

Engine fire during taxi  1 report (Be55)

Midair collision/short final  1 report (Be35)

Stuck throttle  1 report (Be33)

Impact during landing (13 reports) 

Loss of directional control during landing  
6 reports (Be23; Be35; Be33; three Be36s)

Hard landing  
4 reports (Be33; Be35; two Be55s)

Landed short  1 report (Be65)

Blown tire on landing  1 report (Be58)

Aircraft porpoised on landing/propeller strike  1 report (Be36)

Loss of control in flight (LOC-I) (9 reports)

Loss of control immediately after liftoff/unknown 
2 reports (Be36; Be60)

Loss of control in flight/Initial departure in IMC  1 report (Be36)

Loss of directional control in flight/Attempted visual flight into IMC  1 report (Be36)

Stall during low-altitude maneuvering  1 report (Be65)

Loss of control/Instrument approach  1 report (Be58)

Loss of control during go-around  1 report (Be76)

Loss of control/door open in flight. 1 report (Be24)

Loss of control/base to final turn. 1 report (Be33)

Controlled Flight into Terrain (2 reports)

Controlled Flight into Terrain: Visual flight in mountains  1 report (Be55)

Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT)/Buzzing  1 report (Be33)

Impact during departure (1 report)

Impact immediately after takeoff/night IMC  1 report (Be36)

Unknown (17 reports)

10 reports (four Be35s; two Be36s; two Be55s; two Be58s)

4 reports (Be33; two Be35s; Be36)

2 reports (Be23; Be35)

Precautionary landing/unknown  1 report (Be36)

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