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Mastery Flight Training began in 1994 to provide type-specific initial and recurrent flight training at the customer's location. Although MFT still provides this service, the company has grown to include on-site pilot education presentations and publication in several aviation periodicals. Since 2007 MFT has published its free weekly FLYING LESSONSe-newsletter, which is now read by thousands of pilots around the world, including individual pilots, instructors and aviation education institutions, insurance underwriters, and safety investigators and regulators in several countries.

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Mastery Flight Training founder and president Thomas P. Turnerholds an ATP certificate with instructor, CFII and MEI ratings, a Masters Degree in Aviation Safety, and was named2010 National FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year and 2008 FAA Central Region CFI of the Year. Three times accredited aMaster CFI, Tom(resume) has been Lead Instructor for FlightSafety International's Bonanza pilot training program at the Beechcraft factory; production test pilot for engine modifications; aviation insurance underwriter; corporate pilot and safety expert; Captain in the United States Air Force; and contract course developer for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He now leads a 9400-member aviation safety foundation. With over 3700 hours logged, including more than 2400 as an instructor, Tom writes, lectures and instructs extensively from his home at THE AIR CAPITAL--Wichita, Kansas.

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247 Tiffany Street Rose Hill, Kansas USA 67133


fax 316-776-0856


For more on aviation safety see alsowww.thomaspturner.net.

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